Wednesday, July 8, 2009


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Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Diatom Hat

My new design is finished--the Diatom Hat.  This has been the subject of the majority of my tweets lately, primarily because I wouldn't let myself move on to my next project until it was finished.  I like it, but not on me, espcially not in pink.  Why the Diatom Hat? Because to me, it looks like a diatom.  I'm just not sure why anyone would want to wear a diatom on their head.  The design is essentially a 3-cornered beret or tam.  For some reason, I was struck with an inspiration to design a hat in the shape of a diatom...maybe because I had just joined the Science Knitter group on Ravelry.  I'll eventually get the pattern typed up...I'd just rather go knit something else than deal with this hat anymore.  More power to all the knit designers out there...this is a process I don't necessarily enjoy, but it is a great workout for your brain and your patience.   Now to cast on a very simple cap for my 5 y.o.--he found some dark blue yarn in my stash while we were doing an "airing of the stash" as Brenda Dayne calls it, and begged for a hat out of it.  Then, I'm really, really going to start my Modular Garter Stitch Jacket...or the "Coat of Many Colors" as I call it (lots of Noro going into it).